A beautiful landscape can go largely unnoticed if not complemented by a beautiful lawn. Proper mowing practices contribute significantly to the overall health of your lawn. Many problems can be avoided with the right mowing height and frequency, as well as the use of properly maintained equipment. Moore Lawn Maintenance offers professional mowing that is always competitive in price but never compromised in quality.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration, also called aerification, is one of the most beneficial services for the health of your lawn. This process removes plugs of grass and soil from your lawn, helping to loosen compacted soil, as well as increase the flow of water and air to grass roots. Anyone looking to improve the overall quality of their lawn without the use of excessive chemicals should consider this service.

Lawn Renovation and Seeding

Sometimes conditions develop that require renovation of an entire lawn or portions of it. This may be caused by a change in conditions such as increasing shade from large trees or a pre-existing condition such as poor soil quality. Renovating a lawn may consist of removing the old turf and seeding or sodding over amended soil, or simply over-seeding the existing lawn to help fill in bare or thin spots.

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